We have had the benefit of tutors who are all practicing artists as well as teachers.  Thus we have had a rich experience during our two-year MFA.  


Edwina fitzPatrick's artworks explore mutability and change in the living environment, particularly in spaces in which 'grey' (e.g. architectural); 'green' (e.g. forests) and 'blue' (e.g. rivers) environments intersect. They focus on how humans are affecting the nature, culture, and ecology of a place. They also reflect upon how these delicate local balances intersect with complex global issues such as climate change or marine pollution. 




Jessica Voorsanger is a multimedia artist who explores popular culture, in particular ‘celebrity’, through obsession, fans and media representation; using a range of media, including painting, photography, performance and film.  An American artist and academic, living and working in London.  Her work has been exhibited more than two dozen times with her husband, fellow artist Patrick Brill, best known as Bob and Roberta Smith.



Ian Monroe and Edwina fitzPatrick bringi

We very grateful to all the technicians, lecturers, and guides who gave us the benefit of their wisdom, experience, and advice during our two-year MFA course.  They gave us the rocket fuel we needed to boost our trajectories as artists.



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