Review by Renate Mahmoud

Museum of Art and Design, Miami DADE College     

15/11/2018-21/04 2019

‘We Are All In The Same Boat’   SUPERFLEX

This first large-scale survey of the Danish collective SUPERFLEX in the USA focuses on the group’s installations and films that deal with the economy, financial crisis, corruption, migration, and the possible consequences of global warming. The exhibition’s title envisions passengers together in a ship at sea, and a set of shared risks that may put them in danger. It suggests that if our boat sinks, we all sink with it. The title refers to the importance of working together, but also to the problems that we now face as part of the current global situation. We must act now and by working together find solutions to the most threatening problems we may have ever confronted.


The exhibition includes video, sculpture, installations, and works selected for their relevance to the history, present and future of the city of Miami which cover the topics of water, migration, refugees and the economy. In the installation ‘Lost Money’ the artists affix coins to the floor, playing to the visitors ‘greed’ and frustration. The video ‘Flooded McDonald’s’ represents a replica of an uninhabited fast food franchise, slowly filling with water in a expressionless apocalyptic flood.


The exhibition also includes SUPERFLEX’s newest film, ‘Western Rampart’, which challenges our perception of borders and boundaries- whether natural or human built, through time. The film is set in the area of Vestvolden, southwest of Copenhagen, the last historical fortifications constructed to protect this city. As a combination of visual and narrative poetry and magic realism, the film is a tale featuring a giant anthropomorphic mushroom in discussion with the revived wall, Western Rampart. Through the existential conversation, two perspectives are opposed: while the rampart embodies the necessity of borders and walls for survival, the mushroom advocates for constant motion and circulation as everything is meant to continuously transform to thrive.


SUPERFLEX has been at the forefront of artists who look at these pressing issues that generate discussion and commenting on society through art, creating political awareness and help us think and act.

Work in progress by Renate

"Through my practice I seek to expose the vital global environmental changes of our time. Drawing awareness to my concerns I want to educate and to inform, to ignite curiosity and to motivate love for natural organism."- Renate