Review by Whitney Jade Halsted


Donna J. Haraway

Author Donna J. Haraway demonstrates a relationship of understanding between the Chthulucene (a kind of time place for learning to stay with the trouble of living and dying in response-ability on a damaged earth), the chthonic (the beings of tentacles, spider legs, cords etc that demonstrate and perform the meaningfulness of earth process and critters), the anthropocene and the capitalocene. She explores the kin (being a wild category that people try and domesticate) and kinship that connects all human and other than human beings to have a chance to unite. 


Harraway explores the notion of extinction in relation to profit and power and the unequal consequences for the poor and the rich as well as the vastly burdens imposed on earth by the rich compared to the poor and even worse consequences for non humans everywhere.


Harraway includes research from biologist Deborah Gordon’s theories about ant interactions and what we can learn in relation to ecological development and non-hierarchical systems. Harraway examines from the “otherness” of non western communities and has learnt that “it matters what ideas we use to think other ideas", what quality of thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions. 

Detail of a watercolour painting

by Whitney

"In my practise I investigate how the Anthropocene attempts to examine, compare  and rediscover “other” connections of ourselves in relation to the natural environment"- Whitney